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Yelahanka - Chathralaya


Yelahanka – Chathralaya

Janani is out! She tried to surprise attack the other team.

Yelahanka Chathralaya

Straight from arriving in Bengaluru via train, we went to Yelahanka to visit our second chathralaya!

Unlike the first one we went to, this chathralaya was a girls student home. Thus, the students were a bit shy around the boys in our group, but were still incredibly lively and excited to meet all of us.

It was nice knowing they were as excited to meet us as we were them!

Even from the start, the girls were incredibly talkative and wanted to know about life in America. Common questions that were asked was, What’s the weather like? How is your schooling? What do you want to be when you grow up? Regarding the last question, it was interesting to see most of the American kids and a lot of the Indian kids having the same goal of becoming a doctor.
As soon as we were introduced to each other formally, the girls showed us all the crafts they had done, including painting, weaving, and embroidery.

Sandhya was the first to realize that just because the other team surrounds you, doesn’t mean you can’t fight your way to the finish line. It was nice knowing the chathralaya fostered creative outlets for the students as well as academic ones.

At this Chathralaya, we had a lot of time to mingle with students. From them giving us an Odissi demonstration (they go to dance classes once a week!) to showing us their school projects, we were able to get a glimpse at how enthusiastic these girls were for their own futures and education.

Yelahanka Chathralaya

A New Delhi Nugget (aka chathralaya team member) got three US girls out by sliding her foot over the line!

In addition to talking with them, we played epic games of kabbadi with the girls. Not surprisingly, we were beaten pretty badly, but the game was incredibly fun! Arjun and Kartik even became coaches for the US team, making tactics and hyping us up, and the other guys (who also couldn’t play against girls) made team names for us – the Bangalore Bondas and the New Delhi Nuggets.