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When perseverance is greater than barriers

When perseverance is greater than barriers

Growth happens only if there is an inner drive for betterment. Eighteen year old R. Gayathri living in Atmalayam Swami Dayanada AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls in Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu stands a bold testimony to that.

In spite of studying in Tamil medium till her higher secondary education, she has scored an 84% in her second semester examinations in her second year B. Com in Chartered Accountancy at the Government Arts College, Udumalpet where the medium of instruction is English.

Hailing from Udumalpet in Tamil Nadu, Gayatri’s father was a labourer who wanted his daughter to pursue education against all odds. . After her mother’s demise when she was 13, Gayathri’s father tried his best to take care of her as a single parent until he met with a severe illness. Attacked by Parthinum allergy, an airborne contact dermatitis that prohibited him from leading a healthy life, her father was unable to support her. Gayathri had just stepped into her teens then.

Brought to our network soon after, the never say die Gayathri continued her education from class nine in the AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls in Udumalpet. Remember, her class 12 board examination scores last year? It was a whooping 1119 out of 1200 only then it qualifies as whopping)! Gayathri made all of us very proud! And she continues to march ahead.

Take a look at her score sheet this semester.

Name : GAYATHRI R  (247428)
Language 188
English 160
Total 1119

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