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When one student teaches another

When one student teaches another

In their teens, high school brothers, Rohit Nutalapati and Pranav Nutalapati are active volunteers at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls at Yelahanka, Bangalore, Karnataka. Rohit is a 11th grader at Legacy School in Bangalore while younger brother Pranav is in the 10th grade in the same institution.

Older one Rohit started teaching English grammar to 22 girls (class seven to 10) of our Chatralayam in Yelahanka since last November. Till date, he has conducted eight classes in the student hostel at Yelahanka, with each session being two hours long. Preparation for the classes took longer; 40 hours, but Rohit isn’t complaining. “English is a unifying language across the globe and I am very happy that I was able to share something that I know fairly well with others,” he says. While teaching, Rohit stuck to the basics and focused on parts of the speech, articles and sentence construction. He still has five more sessions to go at the Chatralayam for Girls in Yelahanka.

While Rohit taught English, Pranav focused on computers which has fascinated him since he was in class two. “I have always been interested in sharing my computer knowledge. It is a point of pride for me and the overall teaching experience was quite enjoyable,” he says. Twenty two girls from class five to nine were taught MS Word that was spread over five sessions. “This software is a dynamic tool and learning it is a very useful skill for anyone,” says Pranav. Pranav structured his classes as practicals with desktop demonstrations in areas like text aligning and letter writing. Students then practised what they were taught on the computers in groups of two.

What’s also heartening is that charity runs deep in the family. The paternal grandfather of the Nutalapati brothers runs a charity trust that supports education and other needs for the under privileged and this is based out of Hyderabad. “Last December, I helped my grandfather in the distribution of bed sheets to the needy in Guntur which is a focus area of trust started by my grandfather,” says Rohit.

Pranav – Introduction to computers and MS office Training

Rohit – English grammar session

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