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C2C— From being a consumer to becoming a contributor. Many of the AIM for Seva volunteers, donors, supporters and other well wishers have experienced this transformation within when they joined our movement—All India Movement for Seva.

Here is a personal story of Kumar Balasubramanian (our lead coordinator from Boston, USA) and his association with our movement.

This year, Balasubramanian would be completing 22 years of residency in USA. While his karma bhoomi is the land of dreams, Balasubramanian continues to retain strong ties with his matra bhoomi (place of birth). A strong Indian connect for Bala after family, relatives and friends is AIM for Seva.
Like many others, Balasubramanian went to US in 1993 for higher studies. An engineering graduate from the Bharathidasan University, Trichy, Balasubramanian went on to do his masters in business from Boston University. From 1996-1999, Balasubramanian worked in the Caribbean island of Barbados. He is currently employed with a company which is in the fintech space.

Balasubramanian and his wife got introduced to the movement in November 2009 when husband and wife reached the Saylorsburg Ashram in Pennslyvannia in USA. They got immersed in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras for three days.

The couple wanted to enrich themselves more. A month later during the Christmas break, they were fortunate to attend classes on Keno Upanishad taught by our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. “Swamiji’s lectures were really impactful. We were really amazed with his energy levels.

Swamiji was in his late 70s at that time but he demonstrated to all of us what a Karma Yogi should do. He showed so much commitment and we started to attend Vedanta classes at the Saylorsburg Ashram regularly.”

During 2012, Balasubramanian and his wife Subha met other senior members from AIM for Seva, USA during a Xmas retreat programme at the Saylorsburg Ashram. They took part in the AIM for Seva’s annual convention held at the same place in 2013. “Swamiji’s speech where he listed out priorities of an individual; family, work and Seva left a huge impression on us. Dr. Terry Papneja (who oversees AIM for Seva, Canada) gave a very motivational speech.”

Balasubramanian and Subha decided it was time to contribute to our movement on a larger scale. “We had done fund raising programmes for the local temples in our region. So we knew the nitty gritties of this vertical.”

Bala says that such Seva helps one transcend one’s ego.

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