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Top ranks for our students in Vedic competition

Top ranks for our students in Vedic competition

The recently concluded 10th Inter-Patashala Vedic Competition 2018 organised by OM Charitable Trust in the city saw all three of our students from the Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala in Kodavasal bagging top ranks (securing over 90%) in the competition. The three students, Satyamoorthy Krishna (who participated in Krishna Yajur Vedam 3), G Rajesh (who participated in the Krishna Yajur Vedam 4) and V Sri Hari (who took part in Krishna Yajur Vedam 4), all secured top ranks in the competition.

You would be happy to know that our students have performed exceedingly well in the Inter-Patashala Vedic competitions conducted by OM Charitable Trust in the recent past too. Our students have been regularly participating in this event from 2014 to 16.

In 2015, our Vedapatashala student, SM Karthikeyan secured the first rank in Krishna Yajur Vedam 4 while N Balaji stood second in Krishna Yajur Vedam 4. A year before, in 2014, M Ramanathan from the Kodavasal Vedapatashala secured rank one in Krishna Yajur Vedam 4 while H Arun, another of our Patashala student also came first in Krishna Yajur Vedam 3.

By all standards, this annual Vedic competition is tough. This year, there were 3,000 applicants for the competition from across the country. The entry requirements were a qualification examination. “As per the admission criteria to this competition, only those students who secured above 85% could enter the event. Only 360 students from across India made it to the competition,” says Krishnamoorthy Hegde, Krishna Yajur Vedam Adyapaka at the Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala in Kodavasal.

In addition to the top ranks bagged by our students, the Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala at Kodavasal has been adjudged as one of the Top 10 Vedpatashalas in the country by the OM Charitable Trust. The parameters for the ranking were the overall pedagogy, cleanliness and hygiene of the classroom and surrounding environment and food and other support provided to students.

At the Inter Patashala Vedic Competition,a Certificate of Honour was presented to Smt. Sheela Balaji, Chairperson and Managing Trustee of the Swami Dayananda Educational Trust. The honour was in recognition of “development of Vedic wisdom and propagation of Vedas, virtues and culture” and nurturing “the pristine Indian heritage of Vedic chanting” by our Patashala. The Swami Dayananda Vedapatashala, Kodavasal is a project under the Swami Dayananda Educational Trust.

Our enrolments at the Patashala have also seen a steady rise over the last decade. From a mere five students in 2007, this number has moved up to 32 this academic year.

A registered public charitable trust, OM Charitable Trust has been formed to encourage education and research on Indian heritage education. Among other things, the Trust conducts competitions in the area of Shastras and scriptures, thereby honouring our scholars who are studying the Vedas and Vedanta.

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