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Threads, bobbins and needles

There is an old saying in English “that a creative mess is better than tidy idleness” For the last one year, our girls from the Bhavani Arun AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Chinnasalem (Villuppuram), Tamil Nadu have taken to tailoring and sewing during the weekends.

Classes are being conducted on Saturday and Sunday mornings, twice a month by Smt. Tamil Selvi, a proprietor of a tailoring unit in Chinnasalem, Tamil Nadu. Thirteen girls have shown interest in this programme and the hostel is equipped with 4 sewing machines. Of the 13 girls, 5 girls are 10th graders, while 4 girls are studying in class 8 and class 9 respectively.

Till now, the students know various machines parts and have been trained to carry out minor repairs. They will be taught to make churidar, petticoat, skirt and blouse and baba suits and frocks for minors in due course.

Sharing her experiences of taking tailoring classes for our girls at the Chinnasalem hostel, Smt. Tamil Selvi says the girls have shown lot of interest in this form of vocational training. “They enjoy the classes and are picking up the intricacies relating to cutting and dress designing.” On her part, Smt. Tamil Selvi brings in fabrics to teach the students the fine art of tailoring. The Chinnasalem hostel coordinator, Swamini Suddhavidyananda Saraswati ji has also been extremely supportive of this weekend activity and many a time, she has supplied cloth and other necessary fabrics to Smt. Tamil Selvi to enable the girls to pick up the vocation quickly.

Smt. Tamil Selvi came to know the good work done by AIM for Seva in the region when one of Swamini’s assistants brought dress material to her shop in Chinnasalem for stitching. After getting to know our mission and vision, Smt. Tamil Selvi decided to teach our girl students.

The day- to -day functioning of the Chinnasalem hostel is a reflection of AIM for Seva’s ethos—value-based education to children from the hinterlands. Apart from tailoring, our girls do yoga daily for 30 minutes and they also look after the kitchen garden where vegetables are cultivated.

We take this opportunity to thank Brakes India for their continued assistance to the Bhavani Arun AIM for Chatralayam for Girls which is home to 52 girls. Our journey in educating rural India continues.

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