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The Many Ways of Giving

The Many Ways of Giving

In his book, ‘Danam‘, Pujya Swamiji had written:

‘You can give your time, you can lend a sympathetic ear to someone; lot of people want such ears.  You can express words of appreciation, encouragement, empathy and so on. Sharing your knowledge with somebody is also caring. You can also pray for somebody; there are many ways of giving.’

There are so many ways of giving – and this is how N. Selva and M Kishore, college students are doing their bit to support the community they live in. Selva who is pursuing his 2nd year MBA at Rajalakshmi School of Business and M Kishore, a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student in Panimalar Engineering College are friends who decided to spend their Sundays in a more meaningful way.

They both decided to volunteer at S. Viswanathan Memorial AIM For Seva Chatralayam For Boys in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu every Sunday. What do they do? They teach the boys the basics of computers.  Over the last four Sundays, they have given the boys an overview of computers, the history and introduced them to MS Office. Most importantly, they have created email Id’s for students who are in class 10 and class 12. The hostel has two computers which the students use to run educational CDs, like spoken English. Selva and Kishore bring their laptops along with them; they have a teaching methodology that includes theory and practical modules, drafted based on their personal learning experience.

“This would give them more confidence and help them in self-growth and transformation. Email Id’s are a necessary today to connect to the world around us,” they share. Upon asking what inspires them to be a part of Aim for Seva, they reply, “It is the smile and friendship of the students that makes us happy and encourages us to volunteer. AIM for Seva is doing a great job for the rural and tribal children of India. We feel blessed to be a part of the organization as a volunteer. It is a drop in the ocean, but we are happy to contribute.”  The students enjoy their classes and look forward to them every week, fondly calling the boys ‘anna’ (big brother in Tamil).

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