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“Dhaanam denotes giving. It blesses the recipient of the donation but it also blesses the donor, a fact we often overlook. Taking the time to see and experience the impact of one’s donation allows one to be twice blessed because it imprints on the mind the tangible difference that the donation is enabling and thus helps one mature. I suggest that more donors make regular visits to the Free Student Hostels or work closely with other AIM for Seva projects to enrich the lives of the students and others in the rural environment.”

Shri. Kumar Natesaiyer
AIM for Seva, USA – Chicago Chapter.

He and his family have kindly donated towards building three classrooms at Swami Dayananda Rotary Matriculation School, Cuddalore.


I report with great joy that the mission to start a computer center in the Udaipur FSH has been accomplished. The sankalpa by Maya, the selection of the site by Sheelaji, the effort to raise funds by Aria and Siana, the entire program to get it going by Gayathri,and finally putting it all together by Swami Brahmaparanandaji has all come to fruition very well. We truly enjoyed visiting, in participating in the inaugural function, and meeting the 35 boys who will surely gain from it.

What impresses us most is that Swamiji has ensured a solid program for supporting and teaching going forward. His Jaipur FSH, and its graduates are helping to make this into reality. With Ishvara’s grace, the lives of many wonderful children in Udaipur will surely change for the better. Our entire family feels blessed by this, and we thank you all for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Vijay Kapoor
Donor from the USA.


Nepal Mujalde

Nepal Mujalde

Aim for Seva Chatralaya Nemavar, Dewas, MP


I am Nepal Mujalde from Panigaon (Muwada) District Dewas Madhya Pradesh. Since 2007 I am in Aim for Seva and at present I am doing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from Sant Singhaji Science and Management Collage, Sandalpur Dewas and stay in Aim for Seva Nemavar Free Student Hostel.

I have lot of goals in life and career. Without Aim for Seva’s support I would never be in a position to dream or aspire.

Aim for Seva has given me the opportunity, environment and encouragement to study and given the vision. I am recognized in society. I am from ST background (tribal background) and parents and family members don’t have the idea about what I want to do and what will be the output. But because of our Swamiji (Swami Aishwaryanandaji) they don’t ask me any question.

Though we are from a small village but now we are competing with everyone. My ambition in life is to become a IT person. I feel happy to inform that in 2015 for 45 days I went to Bangalore for INTERNSHIP in a IT Company and learnt computer language PHP, HTML and Framework.



I remember when I was in village and my brother had a Nokia 1100 mobile. He didn’t allow me to even touch it, because he was afraid I would damage it. Even at that time I was attracted to technology and very much eager to know things.

Now I have the confidence that I will become a IT engineer. I want to learn more and not to get attracted with money. I dream of working in NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration) and I want to make a team and become a self-employee employing others.Goals are not out of reach for me. I want to make Aim for Seva, my parents and my society to feel proud.

Now I got the chance and handling 8 computers in both Hardware and software. In month of February 2016 again I was sent by my College to Indore for 45 days internship to learn Java script and professional life.

“AIM for Seva has helped these students to be more organized in the day-to-day activities. They are more hygiene conscious and have a career ambition. These children are from very poor families; they dream of becoming a doctor and engineer in their lives. The FSH has bestowed them a belief that they can achieve anything in life.”

Mr. Somnath,
Coordinator of Belgaum FSH since 2010.

“The benefits of daily practice of yoga and prayers on young minds are apparent. These children grow up more disciplined and respectful of elders. Such a value-based education prepares responsible citizens for the nation.”

Mr. Amey Kulkarni,
Sawantwadi coordinator since 2011.

“We wake up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning. We study for a while, get ready and leave for school. Some of us study in other schools so we take the school bus, “explains Revathi a 6th Grader. Revathi lost her dad when she was a kid. Her mother does tailoring fora living and she has a younger sister. Her mother got to know about AIM for Seva through relatives and enrolled Revathi. She has been living here for 3 years now.

“The organization did a background check before admitting me. They visited our home and spoke with my mother. I get food, a safe place to live, and free education. It feels like home. We are one big family here,” explains Revathi.

Revathi’s mother says, “It’s a huge shame each time a girl is born in our community. But I am proud of both my daughters. Revathi is so bright that it won’t surprise me if she becomes a doctor. My dream is to see her practice in our village.”