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“Dhaanam denotes giving. It blesses the recipient of the donation but it also blesses the donor, a fact we often overlook. Taking the time to see and experience the impact of one’s donation allows one to be twice blessed because it imprints on the mind the tangible difference that the donation is enabling and thus helps one mature. I suggest that more donors make regular visits to the Free Student Hostels or work closely with other AIM for Seva projects to enrich the lives of the students and others in the rural environment.”

Shri. Kumar Natesaiyer
AIM for Seva, USA – Chicago Chapter.

He and his family have kindly donated towards building three classrooms at Swami Dayananda Rotary Matriculation School, Cuddalore.


I report with great joy that the mission to start a computer center in the Udaipur FSH has been accomplished. The sankalpa by Maya, the selection of the site by Sheelaji, the effort to raise funds by Aria and Siana, the entire program to get it going by Gayathri,and finally putting it all together by Swami Brahmaparanandaji has all come to fruition very well. We truly enjoyed visiting, in participating in the inaugural function, and meeting the 35 boys who will surely gain from it.

What impresses us most is that Swamiji has ensured a solid program for supporting and teaching going forward. His Jaipur FSH, and its graduates are helping to make this into reality. With Ishvara’s grace, the lives of many wonderful children in Udaipur will surely change for the better. Our entire family feels blessed by this, and we thank you all for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Vijay Kapoor
Donor from the USA.


Nepal Mujalde

Nepal Mujalde

Aim for Seva Chatralaya Nemavar, Dewas, MP


I am Nepal Mujalde from Panigaon (Muwada) District Dewas Madhya Pradesh. Since 2007 I am in Aim for Seva and at present I am doing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from Sant Singhaji Science and Management Collage, Sandalpur Dewas and stay in Aim for Seva Nemavar Free Student Hostel.

I have lot of goals in life and career. Without Aim for Seva’s support I would never be in a position to dream or aspire.

Aim for Seva has given me the opportunity, environment and encouragement to study and given the vision. I am recognized in society. I am from ST background (tribal background) and parents and family members don’t have the idea about what I want to do and what will be the output. But because of our Swamiji (Swami Aishwaryanandaji) they don’t ask me any question.

Though we are from a small village but now we are competing with everyone. My ambition in life is to become a IT person. I feel happy to inform that in 2015 for 45 days I went to Bangalore for INTERNSHIP in a IT Company and learnt computer language PHP, HTML and Framework.



I remember when I was in village and my brother had a Nokia 1100 mobile. He didn’t allow me to even touch it, because he was afraid I would damage it. Even at that time I was attracted to technology and very much eager to know things.

Now I have the confidence that I will become a IT engineer. I want to learn more and not to get attracted with money. I dream of working in NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration) and I want to make a team and become a self-employee employing others.Goals are not out of reach for me. I want to make Aim for Seva, my parents and my society to feel proud.

Now I got the chance and handling 8 computers in both Hardware and software. In month of February 2016 again I was sent by my College to Indore for 45 days internship to learn Java script and professional life.

“AIM for Seva has helped these students to be more organized in the day-to-day activities. They are more hygiene conscious and have a career ambition. These children are from very poor families; they dream of becoming a doctor and engineer in their lives. The FSH has bestowed them a belief that they can achieve anything in life.”

Mr. Somnath,
Coordinator of Belgaum FSH since 2010.

“The benefits of daily practice of yoga and prayers on young minds are apparent. These children grow up more disciplined and respectful of elders. Such a value-based education prepares responsible citizens for the nation.”

Mr. Amey Kulkarni,
Sawantwadi coordinator since 2011.

“We wake up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning. We study for a while, get ready and leave for school. Some of us study in other schools so we take the school bus, “explains Revathi a 6th Grader. Revathi lost her dad when she was a kid. Her mother does tailoring fora living and she has a younger sister. Her mother got to know about AIM for Seva through relatives and enrolled Revathi. She has been living here for 3 years now.

“The organization did a background check before admitting me. They visited our home and spoke with my mother. I get food, a safe place to live, and free education. It feels like home. We are one big family here,” explains Revathi.

Revathi’s mother says, “It’s a huge shame each time a girl is born in our community. But I am proud of both my daughters. Revathi is so bright that it won’t surprise me if she becomes a doctor. My dream is to see her practice in our village.”



I joined the AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Belgaum, Karnataka in the year 2011. I am currently pursuing a degree in nursing. At this juncture of my life, I am concentrating on my academic studies. With the blessings of our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, I hope to achieve many of the goals that I have apart from those related to my profession.

Last but not the least, I like to express my gratitude towards my AIM for Seva family that includes all well wishers, donors and trustees. It because of the far sightedness of such individuals that I have been able to get a good quality education and lead a better life. A very special thanks to our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati who is our teacher, parent and guide.

Iaineh Khongdup,Meghalaya
Student, AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Belgaum, Karnataka


I am a second year Pre-University student in arts and I want to become a lawyer. I hail from Meghalaya where there is no proper infrastructure, lack of basic necessities and absence of good quality education.

I would like to share my hostel life experience. The day I stepped into AIM for Seva, the first thing that crossed my mind is how I would live away from home without my parents and what will I do.

But I was lucky that I got to live in a place that constantly espouses good values, something more that what I actually received at home. During my first year of stay in the hostel, I was not able to speak the language and did not understand anything. In school, it was difficult for me to understand certain subjects because of the language barrier. Initially, everything was different– food, culture, tradition, prayers and other rules and regulations. It was difficult for me to follow certain mantras, Rudram, devotional songs and Bhagavad Geeta.

From the second years onwards, I was able to pick up Hindi and English and started interacting with my classmates. I slowly started to realise Swamiji’s vision when he started Chatralayams.

Today, I like to perform poojas, sing devotional songs and chant other mantrams at the AIM for Seva Chatralayam, Belgaum, Karnataka. It is here that I learnt the meaning of life—what life is and what should be ‘our aim of life.’ I know that I am in the right institution and in caring hands and I want to educate myself further. Had it not been for AIM for Seva, I think I may not have got an opportunity to achieve many things in my life.
Now I have realised the very meaning of the word AIM for Seva which showed me my ‘aim of life.’ I would like to continue my association with the institution by serving the needy children. With the blessings of Pujya Swamiji, we can all pray together for AIM For Seva which should continue forever!

Junita Lyngdoh
Student, AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Girls, Belgaum, Karnataka


We have always felt the need to give back to our roots in India for worthy causes. We both grew up in lower middle class backgrounds and what helped us in our life were the educational opportunities that were given to us. We wanted to ensure that we help as many children as possible to get such opportunities. We found AIM for Seva to be the ideal partner in India to help us do this.

We have been monthly donors since 2010. From 2015, we started coordinating the Connecticut Chapter of AIM for Seva when we held our first donor appreciation event –  Anita Guha’s ‘Signet of Hope’ (Sundarakaandam).

AIM for Seva is one organisation where the beneficiaries and the projects are tangible to all donors. There is transparency in how the funds are spent and it would be very obvious to the donors if they come and visit the Chatralayams.

Dr Sankar Niranjan
Physician, Connecticut, USA


RK Shankar’s association with our organisation started in 2003 when a friend of his asked him to listen to our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s annual talk in the city. “His talk was so simple and yet so powerful that I felt he was talking to me, telling me to graduate from being a consumer to a contributor, and make a beginning now,” recollects Sri. Shankar.

The real trigger to take charity to the next orbit by Sri. Shankar was when his niece’s husband was diagnosed with late-stage cancer in 2010. Both in their early 30s, the happily-married couple were working in high profile jobs in London, UK. “They tried every kind of medicine but the end result did not change. “
Where modern medicines failed, spiritual wisdom and guidance prevailed. Sri. Shankar’s relative was introduced to our founder. “Not only did Swamiji speak to them kindly, but he invited the couple to spend extended time in his Ashram, and to meet him whenever they wished. At the time of his death in 2012, my niece’s husband was completely calm and composed, with no regrets, and only thanked those who had assisted him: Pujya Swamiji had changed his attitude to problems, even to death, from Why me ? to So what. This experience impacted me deeply,” says Sri. Shankar.

So when Sri. Shankar expressed a desire to support a Chatralayam in Karnataka in memory of his mother, he was provided with an opportunity at Arsikatte near Udupi. This Chatralayam is home to 122 boys and was inaugurated on March 31st 2018.

Sri. Shankar is happy that his donation has been judiciously utilised. “The impact is obvious and can be seen in the faces of the children; and it is all due to how well the hostel is built, and maintained, and utilised by the children.”

RK Shankar,
Building donor
Late Smt. RK Lakshmi Narasamma Block (inaugurated in 2018) which is part of the Jaya Smrithi Dhama AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Udupi, Karnataka inaugurated in 2008

Based out of California in USA, Sri. Jugal Kishor got associated with AIM for Seva from 2012. “During the annual fund raiser of the Arsha Vidya Centre (an associated centre) in Bay Area, California in 2012, my wife and I were looking for some project related to AIM for Seva in Punjab or Haryana (our birthplace) so that we could be part of the movement and sponsor a Chatralayam exclusively in and around our birth place in India to serve as a memorial for our late parents,” says Sri. Jugal Kishor.

To fulfil their philanthropic goals, the couple placed a call to the senior AIM for Seva staff in USA to know more about the organisation including the road map of upcoming projects. “During such discussions, Madhya Pradesh (MP) emerged as a potential area. Also, our founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati ji had expressed his vision and resolution (Sankalpa) for a school along with hostels for students of Madhya Pradesh.  My wife and I firmed up our desire to fund the Madhya Pradesh school and hostel project late 2017. “

Soon after the financial commitment was made, Smt. Bimla Kishor and Sri. Jugal Kishor made a trip to the region and attended the Bhoomi Pooja. “We were able to distinctly observe the dire need of a school project in the region. We are very satisfied that when this school gets ready (June 2019), it is bound to make a huge difference in the lives of children and families living in the area. “

Jugal Kishor
Donor for AIM for Seva’s upcoming school in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.

It was wonderful to hear the children sing and recite some of their teachings. They have done so well and managed themselves in so many ways. With great strength, vigor and confidence, they performed all their tasks. Thank you for your warm welcome and arrangements. It was sincerely appreciated.

Ms. E.K. Ella (Canada) who recently visited the AIM for Chatralayam for Boys, Chikhali (Pune), Maharashtra

We visited AIM for Seva- an NGO situated on the outskirts of Lucknow, where 54 underprivileged children are residing. We had a great time with the students. Hats off to ‘Mata ji’ for her wholehearted service and devotion towards the children. We were very happy to meet energetic, intelligent, hardworking and well behaved students. I am sure all these children are going to be the best when it comes to imbibing ethical and moral values.

Suchintan A. Srivastava – Journalism and Mass Communication graduate

I was fortunate to have studied Vedanta for three years (2005-2008) from Swami Dayananda Saraswati. I was privileged to learn the Brahmasutras from him in Nagpur.

During this period, AIM for Seva was expanding its work rapidly. Swamiji’s vision was broad, apart from teaching Vedanta; he wanted to protect our Dharma and social culture.

My father saw the transformation that was happening in Swamiji’s Janmabhoomi, Manjakkudi. He had a piece of land and came forward to donate it to the organisation for building a boys hostel. The Chatralayam in Basira, Odisha was inaugurated in September 2016.

I am now closely associated with The Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Amboli village, Sawantwadi taluk, Maharahstra. I teach yoga and take Vedanta classes for the students. We have a holistic centre for Yoga and Vedanta there. I also visit the Basira Chatralayam once a year.

Shribanta Giri

Land donor, Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys, Basira, Odisha