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Sustainable living and Environment

* Organic and bio green farms— Located in the heart of the Kaveri delta in Manjakkudi, our 40 acre organic farm in Manjakkudi today produces over 130 varieties of indigenous, heritage and artisanal varieties of rice. Today, this alluvial rich farm grows grains like Chak Hao Porieton (native to Manipur), Kalajeera (originating in Orissa) to Tamil Nadu’s own varieties that include Thooyamalli and Mapillai Champa.

Apart from heritage rice, our organic farm has also successfully reared 70 species of medicinal plants, eight vegetable crops, 16 varieties of trees and 20 types of crotons, and paddy, all organic. The lush fields are tilled using natural and organic manure.

In addition, we regularly conduct organic farming training programmes to sensitise agriculturalists on the benefits of organic farming. Our Nel Thirivizha, is a forum where agrarian experts are roped in to talk to farmers about traditional farming methods and sustainable agricultural practices.

* Goshala— Closely related to farming is animal husbandry. A dairy farm with 43 local and crossbred cows is situated in shady and peaceful area in the village. The cows are given 100% natural feed and manure generated from them is routed to the fields. Further, a daily yield of over 85 litres of organic milk is sold to state-owned milk cooperatives in the region.

* Spirit of the Earth— The Vedas teach us that the planet’s resources are not merely a source for our consumption and personal gratification. Through our initiative, ‘Spirit of the Earth,’ we want to give back to the earth.

At our immersion located in our central office in Mylapore, you would find carefully crafted products- organic heritage rice, products made by differently-abled adults of Krupa Home and books written by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Through our products, workshops and discussions, we provide an opportunity to experience the ‘Spirit of the Earth.’

Spirit of the Earth – Immersion Centre, Chennai

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Organic Farming, Tirunelveli

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