1 in 5 girls in Rural India drop out of schools because of poor toilet facilities

An adolescent girl has a choice – to get an education that empowers herto follow her dreams or live a life in poverty. Sadly, in rural India, it’s not always her choice! Financial conditions force parents to send their children to work rather than continue education.

In times like this when poverty forces a girl to abandon her education, did you know that 23% of adolescent girls who do go to school, drop out due to lack of toilets or poor toilet facilities?

AIM for Seva hopes to rectify this one step at a time. Over 1,300 boys and girls from low socio-economic households are benefited by Semmangudi Higher Secondary School in Sembangudi village in Tamil Nadu.

Access to clean hygienic toilets is a basic human necessity. AIM for Seva is looking to raise money through Milaap to build new toilet blocks for girls and boys of Semmangudi Higher Secondary School.

It would mean the world to these bright children to know that their necessities are cared for. One small donation can make a difference. Donate today through our Milaap page.

50% of the donation is exempted under section 80G

Fundraiser for the construction of new toilet blocks:

  • The school needs to construct two new toilet blocks consisting of 20 toilets for the students
  • The cost of construction per block is estimated to be Rs. 16 lacs and we are hoping to raise Rs. 10 lacs through Milaap.
  • Water will be supplied through a borewell with tanks for water storage.
  • Daily maintenance and cleanliness is the responsibility of the school.