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Special meals for our Chatralayam students

On October 3 and November 15, all the 3,800 students across our 97 Chatralayams were fed special meals, thanks to our donors.

On the occasion of her birthday (Nov 15), Smt. Sajani Raman from New York City, USA sponsored meals across all our 97 Chatralayams in the country.

Similarly, Smt. Chitra and Shri. Bala Balasubramaniam from Detroit, USA sponsored special meals on October 3rd across all the 97 Chatralayams on the occasion of his father Sri Sethuraman’s death anniversary.

We acknowledge the contribution of our donors. Our AIM for Seva Chatralayams has been conceived as a living eco system reaching out to rural children across 16 states. A typical Chatralayam is located in close proximity to a school and children are provided with after school educational support, nutritious food, accommodation, yoga and sports as well as computer knowledge and cultural training. In a nutshell, we provide value-based education to all our hostelers.

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