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Republic Day celebrations and sports meet at Dharmapuri school

The Swami Dayananda Vidyasramam Nursery and Primary School, Karagur, Dharmapuri recently celebrated Republic Day and also conducted a sports meet in the school campus.
 The programme began with flag hoisting by principal Sri. T. Vinoth Kumar. The choir group presented the patriotic Tamil flag song which was followed by the school prayer.  The chief guest for the function was Sri. Panduranganji (Retired Headmaster), also our academic advisor.
In her address, the school correspondent, Mataji Swamini Vishvapriyananda Saraswati ji urged every student to work with honesty for the nation. The chief guest addressed the students and urged them to do their best and be a proud Indian.

Students from class 5 presented a patriotic song ‘Love letter to India: Priyaṃ Bhārataṃ.’  This was well received by the audience. After the patriotic song, it was time for a graceful yoga dance that was set to melodic tunes. The performance was truly spell binding.

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks being delivered by the Principal. The celebration came to an end by singing of the National anthem. After this, it was snack time and the students and their parents went back home with the fluttering image of tricolour in their minds.

Started in 2014, the Swami Dayananda Vidyasramam Nursery and Primary School located in Dharmapuri provides value-based education that fosters all-round development. Last year, many of our students won prizes in the district level painting competition. We have a computer lab facility in the school. Our school is regarded as one of the best in the area.

As per the 2011 Census, Dharmapuri has a population of 15,06,843. Literacy rates for males stood at 76.85% while for females it was 59.80%. By setting up schools in rural areas, we hope to improve the literacy rates in the region. An educated working class is a big contributor to a nation’s progress.

We are looking to expand the school facilities and propose to build 12 new classrooms. If you are looking to support education in rural India, please drop in an email to:aimallindiamovement@gmail.com

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