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Pure bliss: When food and dance stood well balanced

The audience who had assembled at Spirit of Earth, an initiative of AIM for Seva early this week were provided with a different kind of treat. The visual treat, Odissi on High was to be performed later that evening at Narada Gana Sabha by artistes from Sutra Foundation and Rudrakshya Foundation.

In the morning, culture icon Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Artistic Director and Chairman, Sutra Foundation took centre stage. Spirit of the Earth in association with Alap presented Goodness Gracious– conversations on good food for the body and the mind. The dialogue between Datuk Ramli Ibrahim and dancer Krithika Shurajit centred on good food for the body, mind and soul.

The session began with Datuk Ramli Ibrahim warmly recounting his meeting with the founder of our movement, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. “Swamiji had come to give a Satsang in Sydney. This was sometime during the 70s. It was a privilege to meet and interact with him,” recalled Datuk Ramli Ibrahim.

The conversation then steered towards food. I am pleased to see so many different varieties of organic and heritage rice. We are missing all of this at the moment in our lives,” declared Datuk Ramli Ibrahim. When it came to his diet, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim said that he wasn’t a foodie in the true sense of the word and that moderation was key. “The mindfulness should be there that the system is part of us and not the other.”

As the conversation was on good food for the body, mind and soul, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim revealed that organic and sustainability holds the key. “It’s important to treat the body well and food is an important contributor in that respect. I don’t consume junk food. Even while travelling, I avoid consuming junk food in restaurants,” he revealed. In Chennai, one of his favourite pit stop is Mylai Karpagambal Mess and the famous dancer is fond of a good south Indian meal. In terms of power drinks, its beetroot and celery juice and cucumber mixes.

Later that evening, the audience at Narada Gana Sabha were witness to a spell binding performance by artistes of Sutra Foundation and Rudrakshya Foundation. Odissi was certainly on a high that day.

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