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Police woman from AIM for Seva Chatralayam

From contemplating a doctoral in music to joining the armed and police forces, the alumni of AIM for Seva are making varied career choices.

Meera Kumari Honat who studied at our hostel in Rajasthan from 2010 to 2016 got selected in the Rajasthan Police Force after her training at Jodhpur and is in Udaipur now. She works 12 hours a day, from 8 am to 8 pm every day.

Meera says her biggest learning while living in the hostel was discipline and focus. “The hallmark of AIM for Seva hostel life is value-based education. Our Guruji, Swami Brahmaparananda Saraswati taught us the importance of daily puja and recitation of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita,” says Meera.

Meera hails from a village located in Udaipur district. He father owns 10 bighas of land on which the family grows corn, rice, wheat, mustard plant and chickpeas. If the rain Gods are merciful, then the family is able to get an annual income of Rs 25,000.

Meera joined the hostel in 2010 when she was in high school. After completing class XIIth in 2012, she enrolled in a teacher training programme. Simultaneously, Meera also pursued a bachelors of arts degree with a focus on political science and Hindi literature via distance education through an institution located in Udaipur from 2012-2016.

After completing her graduation, Meera started preparing for competitive exams including the one for police.
We are proud to have an alumnus who is now with the Rajasthan Police Force. We wish Meera all the very best.

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