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Nurturing a big, bold dream

Nurturing a big, bold dream

Mukesh is a 22-year-old boy presently pursuing B.Com in Bank Management from Swami Dayananda College of Arts & Science. He has bagged a job at Sundaram Finance Ltd as an Officer at the campus placement and feels, “It all feels like a dream!”

Hailing from a small village, Dhanras village in the Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, Mukesh studied in a local school in closest proximity to his house till his 5th standard and spent the evenings tending the cows in the farm where his father worked. But in between when he found some time, he would switch over to the world of his dreams where he was the Managing Director of a multi-national company. And sometimes he would even stretch his imagination to think of ways that could show him the path.

That’s when Shri. Tahar Singh, the warden of the AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Boys in Vikrampur, Madhya Pradesh spotted Mukesh and encouraged him to join the hostel. Mukesh saw a great opportunity to learn and readily agreed. He was sent to Prathmikshala in Vikrampur. From then on, there was no looking back for Mukesh. After the completion of his 12th standard he continued his college education and now lives in Smt. Sukanya Shankar Memorial AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Boys in Thippanampettai, Tamil Nadu. Talking about his hostel life he says, “I love the disciplined schedule that has a balance of both academics and extra-curricular activities. We rise early at 5 am and do Yoga. After a brisk walk and the daily prayer, we enjoy a sumptuous and healthy breakfast. A little bit of studies and then we are off to college. Back in the evening we spend time reading, playing, chatting with friends, study and after an early dinner go to bed.”

His parents are proud of not just his academic achievements, interest to learn, growing ambitions but also for his good behavior and how far he has come. Mukesh in a tinge of lament and a line of smile says, “Our village problems get clouded by all the developments that take place outside. Bare exposure and scanty facilities make it hard for a healthy living. I am lucky to have been sheltered by AIM for Seva.”

Mukesh has three elder brothers; the oldest drives goods trucks, the second one is a farmer and the third brother works as a tractor operator in Tata Steel.

Sharing about the interview process and how he aced the group discussion, Mukesh reveals, “The topic was ‘what are the cultural differences between Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu’. My opinion included the different festivals in the two regions and how they reflect their cultural ethos; and living in two geographical regions has given him an exposure of the two cultures. “Initially I was nervous but with consequent questions, I felt at ease to answer them. My happiness knew no bounds when I came to know.”

Mukesh, a sincere student is thriving with spirit to get every child in his village educated. “I want to encourage the students to join AIM for Seva; not only would it help them to shape their lives, but be ambassadors of our rich tradition, heritage and culture. I want them to experience life at AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel and make the most out of this life changing experience,” he says it with a note of confidence and goodwill.

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