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Nine day festivities across our hostels

Across India, our 97 Free Student Hostels in 16 states bear a festive look. Navratri or the nine day festival is being celebrated across all these hostels.

Here is a sample of some of the festivities across our hostels in the country.
At the Atmalayam Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Girls, our 65 girls have got together and done a beautiful Golu arrangement of our Gods and Goddess.

Prayers are being offered at this hostel during the ‘Punya’ Kaalam. The daily puja at the hostel during this nine day period starts with stothrams (prayer songs) on Goddesses such as Lalitha Sahasranamam, Mahishaasura Mardhini, invoking the Goddess who vanquished the demons.
During all the nine days, prasadam and other auspicious take-aways such as Vettala Paaku –betel leaves, betelnuts, turmeric, kumkum, yellow thread, flowers, comb, mirror, bangles, coin, blouse material, fruit, coconut would be given to all guests after lighting of the evening lamp. Guests can also place their choice of deity dolls in the Atmalayam hostel ‘Golu Padi.’

A whole host of contributors have come forward to contribute to the Golu and the nine day festivities at the Atmalayam Swami Dayananda AIM For Seva Free Student Hostel for Girls, Udmalpet, Tamil Nadu.

Our other hostels aren’t far behind. Our 74 students at the Mayur Patel AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Boys, Kankanpur, Gujarat are celebrating Navratri festivities all the nine day in the true spirit.

Similarly, Ghatasthapana and Durga pooja is being celebrated by 31 girls at the AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Girls, Belgaum, Karnataka.

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