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New avatar: Krupa Care

We are planning to expand our work done at Krupa Care. To this end, a Bhoomi Pooja was recently conducted at this residential facility for differently-abled adults. Krupa Care provides lifetime support for differently-abled men. We have 38 residents in a serene campus located in the outskirts of Chennai who are engaged in meaningful activities throughout the day.

The biggest worry of parents of such individuals is ‘Who after me.’ In order to help both, Krupa Care was launched. Krupa Care serves adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) in the age groups of 20 to 64 years, their disabilities ranging from mild to profound. We provide assisted living facilities and with the help of caregivers, special educators, counselors, psychiatrist, nurse and pharmacist. The objective being that our long term residents lead a life that reflects self worth, achievement, independence and happiness.

But taking care of adults with intellectual disabilities is very different from taking care of typically developing children. Adulthood forms 75% of the lifetime of individual. Right now, training programmes for equipping people to work with people with ID are majorly focused on children in school with very little or no information on adulthood and old age of these individuals. The knowledge and skills acquired to handle intellectual disabilities in younger age groups (early and youth) is not adequate or cannot be extrapolated to understand and handle adult counterparts.

As part of the expansion plan, Krupa Care would now house a lecture hall/training centre to conduct special sessions and training programmes. In addition, we propose to build a guest house for medical professionals and other guest faculty who come for the residential programme.

The training centre will function as a resource unit for all those who serve adults with special needs. They include parents, family members, doctors, para-medical professionals, caregivers, community members, therapists and educators. This facility will also be a venue for these recipients to understand and learn about all aspects of managing people with special needs – be it medical, psychological or behavioural. These sessions will be conducted by our experts.

An activity centre for residents of Krupa Care is also on the cards. It is a proven fact that engaging in meaningful activities gives validation of purpose to our residents. Such activities would be based on individual capacities of our residents. Already, the well functioning adults in the campus are busy throughout the day with handloom cloth weaving while moderately functioning adults are involved in paper craft and screen painting. Some adults are also engaged in packaging for local industries.

A major milestone was achieved last year when Spirit of the Earth, an AIM for Seva initiative launched ‘Elimai’. The collection comprises sling bags, pouches and folders, made from fabric hand woven by Krupa residents and the range has found a lot of takers.

If you would like to support the cause of the differently-abled, drop in an email to:aimallindiamovement@gmail.com

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