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Nagajothi’s ascent to the top

This month, we present to you a success story from Andhra Pradesh. Nagajothi is from the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Tribal Girls Chatralayam, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh. She has been a school topper in class X and XI. She got a 9.3 GPA in her class X examination and scored 925 marks in her class XII examination.

Nagajothi joined our Chatralayam in 2007 when she was in third class. Her family came to know about AIM for Seva through relatives in the region. Nagajothi’s father is no more while her mother is a daily wage labourer. Two of her sisters are married and she has a school going younger brother.

Nagajothi is currently residing in the Nandyal hostel and pursuing her Bsc. degree. “The most important thing that I learnt in the Chatralayam is discipline and the importance of giving back. “I have been a recipient of care of affection showered by the guardians of my hostel. I would like to help the needy and this is my way of giving back to society,” says Nagajothi.

For the girls living at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Tribal Girls Chatralayam, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh the hostel is home for them. There are currently 62 girls residing in this Chatralayam. They come from the neighbouring villages of Gumitham Thanda, Harinagaram, Gorukallu Thanda, Thammadapalle and LK Thanda. Most of the girls come here after hearing about the place from their friends or relatives. Their aim is to avail the opportunity for uninterrupted, quality education while staying in a place that offers them safety and a home-like atmosphere.

A sense of discipline and perfection seems to be ingrained in the routine in this Chatralayam. The students’ shoes are arranged in neat lines under the staircase and lunch boxes are stacked in a pyramid. There seems to be very little by way of instruction, and more of an invisible chain of direction from the older girls, who gently guide their younger counterparts, including a silent nudge during study time when someone’s attention is slipping from their books.

Clearly, like other Chatralayams, studies hold the highest priority in Nandyal too—the girls make a beeline for their books in the evening and sit in orderly lines and pore over their books. Sports and extracurricular activities are given importance as well. Yoga is part of the daily routine, and the girls perform several rounds of suryanamaskar with ease. Kabaddi and badminton are sports of choice.

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