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AIM for Seva Hostels have initiated green energy projects in many locations. Solar energy and bio fuel plants are cutting down costs of traditional energy sources while keeping our planet green.

Solar powered lights: Several FSH now feature solar powered lights—both indoor and outdoor. In the year 2015-16 solar panels were installed in 17 FSHs in Tamilnadu. For 2016-17 installation of solar panels is proposed in all the FSHs in Karnataka.

Solar powered water heater: Wherever winter is severe, AIM for Seva has installed solar powered water heaters.
Gobar gas: In locations where there is ample space in the FSH, gobar gas has proven to be effective. This is especially true of projects that have a goshala attached.

Vermicomposting: This organic manure system is present in some locations where there is availability of land. Nearly 40% of AIM for Seva Free Student Hostels are renewable energy-enabled, with solar power being the most common. Plans are afoot to extend the sustainable energy drive to all AIM for Seva Hostels by the year 2020.

Organic farming: Many AIM for Seva Hostels also feature kitchen gardens that take care of the children’s green vegetable needs. When children actively participate and experience first-hand the benefits of organic farming.

To help make AIM for Seva renewable energy-friendly, please contact us.