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Getting Inspired!

Getting Inspired!


Shri. Srini Raman, COO, AIM for Seva Inc. USA spent a month in India and visited our projects across the country. His travels and interaction with our students and the local communities, have further inspired him to give the world his best. Read the highlights of his visit:

Wellness Centre Inauguration
Though functional from last year, the Smt. Godavari Khilanani Wellness Centre at Manjakkudi Village, Tiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu witnessed a formal inauguration. The focus of this centre is to promote quality life and good health and personality development among the students of Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School, Swami Dayananda College of Arts & Science and the 1500 villagers living in the village Manjakkudi.

Zero Waste Hostel
The Mayur Patel AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Boys in Kankanpur, Gujarat has implemented good waste management practices. Installing the gobar gas plant has enabled the hostel to convert organic household waste or manure into cooking fuel.

Welcome Home Baby Kit
At AIM for Seva Shamlaji Hospital in Gujarat, an ambulance is sent to the villages to pick up expectant mothers; after the delivery, each mother is given a ‘Welcome Home Baby’ kit which includes a multi-utility bag, changing sheets, post-pregnancy information sheet, a box of sweets and savouries and Rs. 250/- in cash. The pickup, drop and treatment is offered at no cost to all people irrespective of their economic status.

Meet Gulab
Growing up in Arsha Vidya Tirtha AIM for Seva Free Student Hostel for Boys in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Gulab Damor is a 22 year old boy who is currently pursuing his P.HD in music. Today, he supports the administrative work at the hostel.

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