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Friday symphony in Manjakkudi

Friday symphony in Manjakkudi

Noted Carnatic vocalist and Academy Award nominated music composer Bombay Jayashri Ramanath and her students are quite popular amongst the students of the Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School in Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu.

For the last four years, every Friday, Smt. Ramnath and her students have been teaching music to the students of the Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School in Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu.

The sweet notes have left an audible impact in our children’s minds. S Pooja Lakshmi of eight standard is grateful to Bombay Jayashri and her students’ commitment to the cause. Pooja Lakshmi recollects how she was taught ‘infinite times’ when she did not understand a particular note or composition.

Thanks to such musical exposure, Pooja now sings bhajans in public places such as temples and her family has also got exposed to classical music thanks to her learning the art. Pooja Lakshmi plans to continue her musical training.

Similarly, P S Vasundhara, a class nine student never imagined that one day she would become a student of the renowned musician. Thanking our chairperson and managing trustee, Sheela Balaji for introducing her to music, Vasundhara says Bombay Jayashri and her students conduct classes in a very polite and professional fashion. In addition, she is very excited that Bombay Jayashri presented her class with a tambura. “They teach us songs in many languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Telegu. We are also taught many jathis with talas.” In addition to songs, the students have also learnt to use musical instruments such as tambura and flute.

In all, musical training has made a huge difference to the lives of rural children who come to Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School, Manjakkudi. Many of them have been able to develop a keen musical sense. Some of them have been able to overcome stage fear by giving performances on the dais. Our pupils have also been able to gain critical life skills such as confidence and performance in public. The exposure to classical music has led to marked changes in the overall personality of students at the Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School.

Not only do students regularly look forward to the Friday music class, the school teachers also do their bit by recording the songs that are played back on Saturday during the activity period. Students hear the recording and practice alongside.

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