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For a colourful soul

For a colourful soul

There was complete chaos. A chaos of colours and minds; adventurous strokes and joy in uncertainty at our Aim for Seva Hostel for Girls in Yelahanka, Karnataka on July 14. Thirty two children from the hostel were glued to their art papers, thanks to the Titan Art for Development Programme.

All this while; drawing and painting for the kids meant red huts, yellow flowers and green trees. And now here was this strange and unfamiliar woman who was prodding them to liberate themselves via art.

The result: Geometrical patterns of various hues with many criss-crossing the length and breadth of the paper through myriad shades of colours. “Even I can’t think like that,” beamed designer, Jayashree Poddar, Director, Design, Himatsingka Seide, a vertically integrated home textile major. The renowned designer was invited to the Yelahanka Hostel as part of the Titan Art for Development Programme.

Jayashree Poddar has been associated with the teachings of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati and on several occasions has made donations towards student sponsorships to AIM for Seva that was founded by Swamiji in 2000. Recounting her experience in the art camp, Poddar says her strategy was to make students paint on paper first followed by cloth painting. “The whole idea was to allow students to explore from a wide range of colours to going monochromatic,”

While our students definitely seemed to enjoy the session, the experience was equally fulfilling for Poddar. “I felt a strong connect and we developed bonds of friendship during the course of the event. I was able to bond with them through the medium of art despite the language barrier. ”
This is the second year that Titan has shown enthusiasm to continue the art programme for our children. A leading giant in the manufacturing industry, Titan has incorporated art and heritage as part of its corporate social responsibility. Going beyond the lines of business, the organisation has come forward to give back to society through art-driven programmes along with various other initiatives.

“That art and craft has the ability to uplift and excite is undoubtedly true. And it is wonderful to know that Titan is supporting us with such an innovative programme. Expressions and creativity are part of the natural DNA of every human being,” concludes the designer who started her career with a course way back in 1980 from NIT Ahmedabad.

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