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Expanding new horizons

Our mission is educating rural India and across the country we have 97 Chatralayams across 16 states. In the next one year, we will be adding another 10 Chatralayams to our network—9 for boys and 1 for girls.

We are expanding our work and presence in western India. We currently have 10 Chatralayams in Maharashtra — 9 for boys and 1 for girls with a total student count of 356– 323 (boys) and 33 (girls). We are spread across 5 districts in the region—Sindhudurga, Pune, Wardha, Nagpur and Kohlapur.

We are moving to Washim where we will be setting up a Chatralayam for boys (45 boys) at a total cost of Rs 85 lakh. Unemployment is rampant in the area which has a total population of 78,387. Only 1% of the labour force is engaged in industrial activities, as per Census 2011. Further, the gender gap in literacy is noticeable which further reflects the comparatively lower female status in the community vis-a-vis male counterparts. So given the seasonal nature of employment in agriculture and allied activities and high incidence of unemployment, quality education leading to employment in the region is an urgent need.

In addition to a new hostel, we are also up grading our current existing boys and girls Chatralayams located in Sindhudurga. Repair, renovation and up gradation work is currently on at the Kumari Deepa Devi Singh AIM for Chatralayam for Girls, Sindhudurga that is home to 33 girls as well as the Dayasagar AIM for Chatralayam for Boys in the same area that takes care of 40 boys.

The overall repair and renovation work of each hostel is pegged at Rs 20 lakh with the repair work mainly being concentrated to kitchen upgradation, grill provision for safety, bathroom tiling, painting, plumbing, electrical and sanitary works.

Most of our Chatralayams in Maharashtra have kitchen gardens and our students are budding learners and sport stars. At our 2 Chatralayams for boys in Rajgurunagar, we have a Goshala as well as a kitchen garden that is carefully tended to by the boys. This is all nothing but a reflection of our effort to provide value-based education to our students.

If you would like to support our ongoing initiatives in Maharashtra and thereby make a difference in the lives of children in rural India, please drop in an email to: aimallindiamovement@gmail.com

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