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Donors from within our network

While many of our donors have supported us by donating money for building Chatralayams or by sponsoring student education, the AIM for Seva alumni aren’t far behind.

Ashutosh Gupta, an AIM for Seva alumnus from the Smt Krishna Rani Papneja AIM for Seva Chatralayam for Boys , Narasinghpur, Madhya Pradesh has created a What’s App group and has added 150 AIM for Seva students and alumni to this group.

These students who have benefited from the value-based education model propagated across the AIM for Seva network are now keen to give back to the institution that nurtured them in their school going years. “So far, 55 students and alumni in the What’s App group have agreed to donate a sum on a regular basis. We are looking at a minimum amount of Rs 100 per month,” says Ashutosh.

As a company executive, Ashutosh is involved in the back end operations of Sundaram Finance in Bhopal. He stayed at the AIM for Seva Hostel in the Narasinghpur district in Madhya Pradesh from 2007 to 2014.

From Madhya Pradesh, he moved to Manjakuddi in Tamil Nadu in 2014 to pursue a degree in BSc Mathematics from the Swami Dayananda College of Arts and Science. Recounting his hostel life, Ashutosh says the critical life lessons learnt while living in that environment were ‘ imbibing good things from others while ignoring the bad.’ “If we have to grow in life and achieve our goal, we can do that by loving others, accept situations and adjust accordingly,” he says.

Today, Ashutosh and some of his hostel mates have found a stable job with blue majors , but they are keen to help other children in rural India. A four member team from the What’s Group created by Ashutosh is in the process of opening a bank account with the Bank of India. “We will circulate the bank statement at the end of the month to all students who connect and join our group,” says Ashutosh.

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