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Diwali celebrations in central India

Diwali equals to more than lights, sweets and fire crackers. To celebrate the festive occasion, around 35 girls from the AIM for Seva Balika Vidyalaya, Khategaon, Madhya Pradesh exhibited their talent in a rangoli and diya making competition that was held in their school premises.

For the rangoli making competition, 35 girls from classes 9 to 12 participated in groups with 5 to 6 students being in each group. The diya making competition was held for students studying from classes 5 to 8.

The creativity of the students was reflected in the vibrant colours and sensitive themes depicted in their rangolis. The younger girls weren’t far behind. They transformed simple earthern diyas into decorative diyas. The result was a visual treat to the eyes.

Our students are all rounders. In the annual class 12th examinations (2018), AIM for Seva Balika Vidyalaya secured 100% pass rate.

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