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Chatralayam days…. Fun filled all the way

Personality development coaching, life lessons drawn from mythology and science and Shastra conundrum.The holiday season has commenced and so have summer camps across our Chatralayams. There were lot of takeaways for our hostelers.

In this section, we present to you a snapshot of some of the camp activities.

A 10 day camp was held at the Swami Dayananda AIM for Seva Tribal Boys Chatralayam, Alwal, Telangana.

As part of the camp activities, there were story telling sessions that included the life and times of Adi Shankara and sloka chanting. One of the founder members of the Alwal Chatralayam, Sri. Y.V. Narsing Rao has taken a personal interest in the summer camp. On day one (April 14), he conducted a special session on personality development by quoting the relevant verses from the Bhagavatham. Sri. Rao spoke on Dattatreya and the five elements, sun and the moon. Our students lapped up every bit of the talk.

On April 17, Sri. Srihari, a motivational speaker covered the aspect of positive and negative thinking. The session was made interesting with a story. Social worker and government school teacher, Sri. Ramakrishna Reddy also gave a pep talk to our students.

On April 18, Sri. Srihari spoke about the Vedas. In his talk, he covered the Sama Veda and Rig Veda. He also dwelt on traditional healing systems such as Ayurveda. The same day, the President of the Telangana Sanskrit Association, Sri. Rajendra Prasad spoke on the importance of Sanskrit and the ancient language’s correlation with computers.

Did you know that Hanuman Chalisa, a Hindu devotional hymn composed in the Awadhi language in 16th century C.E. by poet Tulsidas had references to the distance between the sun and the earth? Sri, Bhupathi Reddy, a retired school teacher revealed all this and more in his session on Vedas and science and technology. He also covered the aspect of universe evolution.

On April 19, Sri. Srihari continued his motivational series. He focused on personality development this time by taking relevant examples from the Ramayana. The same day, a team from Indian Development Foundation conducted an interesting programme on time management wherein our students were taught the importance of sticking to time! The next day, the Indian Development Foundation team covered public speaking through a power point presentation–The points covered were humour, hand gestures and voice modulation.

The beauty of this year’s summer camp at the Alwal Chatralayam is that we had volunteers coming in from all walks of life and motivating our students to reach out for the skies. Cockpit trainer from the Indian Air Force, Sri. Nagaraju shared his own life story of how he became a trainer in the Indian Air Force despite coming from a low income and underprivileged background.

An interesting session on the importance of yoga and meditation was conducted by Sri. Vishnumurthi who is currently employed as a deputy general manager with a small and medium enterprise (SME) unit.There was more in store. On April 21st, the Alwal Chatralayam students heard a galaxy of speakers from different lines of work. Sri. T. Hanumad Prasad enlightened our students on how saint Valmiki metamorphosed from a robber to a sage while Sri. Bhupathi Reddy dwelt at length on the concept of Akanda Bharat since time immemorial.

Then we had assistant electrical engineer Kusuma Kumari and electronics and electrical engineering professor Chaitanya Kumar sharing their success stories on how they went on to achieve their professional dreams, their poor and humble backgrounds notwithstanding. On April 22, Sri. Vishwanath, a lawyer and an active Sevak at Dharma Jagaran spoke on citizens’ responsibility towards society.

Our Alwal Chatralayam students got exposed to the world of anthropology. On April 23, Sri. Srihari spokes on tribes and their habits while the husband and wife duo– Sri. Sudeep Kumar (family counsellor) and Smt. Kumar (child psychologist) spoke on relationships, prayers and the importance of cultivating hobbies and improving vocabulary. Sri. Jagan Mohan Acharya exposed our students to Indian history with stories on foreign invasions and the life and times of Swami Vivekananda.

On the last day of the Alwal Chatralayam camp (April 24), retired lecturer Smt. Laxmi Narasu stressed the need for good education while Sri. Satyanarayana, Seva Pramukh, Seva Bharathi conducted a session on health, eating and sleeping habits and the 16 samaskras. The camp concluded with a valedictory function with our students’ public speaking skills coming to the fore.

The Alwal Chatralayam has been conducting a summer camp for the last four years. In west India, a summer camp has been organised for our students from Maval, Chikhali and Rajgurunagar Chatralayams in Maharashtra. A total of 80 students participated in this fun filled camp.
The camp started with yoga, pranayama and exercise followed by pooja, Stotra Pathan, lecture on different subjects like stories from Mahabharata, values from Bhagavad Gita (chapters 16 and 17). A trip was also organised to Bhimashankar Temple (one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines), 55 km from Rajgurunagar, Maharashtra. Our students had a wonderful experience.

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