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DHFL Gifts a Colourful Smile

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Don’t you still get thrilled by the sight of crayons and pencils in a stationery shop? You feel like picking a few and stacking them in your drawers. What if all these arrive in bunches stacked inside big boxes? You are more than overjoyed!
That’s how excited our children at AIM for Seva Chatralayams in Alwal (Telengana), Yelahanka(Karnataka) and Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu) were, when they received books and stationery items procured by Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL).
Their happiness knew no bounds when the crayons and colours peeped from the boxes awaiting to be brushed against crispy white drawing sheets. While they are on a vacation now, they have already queued up their line of books to read when they are back.
And for DHFL, they have helped us by sharpening the minds of future India – after all, nothing like painting a colourful dream!

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