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AIM for Seva – Because Every child is precious

In 1999, when Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati visited the hills of the Anaikatti range, he was astonished to discover more than 100 tiny hamlets nestling within the mountains.  In one of the villages, he inquired of an elderly lady, ‘What help do you need?’  Papammal’s immediate response was, “Saami, my children need to walk seven miles to school across this forest and it is unsafe. Why don’t you build a hostel and help them go to school?”.

Thus began, AIM for Seva’s journey.  Launched in the year 2000 in New Delhi, AIM for Seva’s first hostel opened its doors to the children from the tribal villages of Anaikatti, in 2001.

Our chatralayams provides complete care to the students, during the critical phase of their mental and physical growth, from class 4 to class 12. Nurturing environment, value education, academic coaching, nutrition, health and hygiene awareness, and much more contribute to the students growth. Self confident, disciplined and a welcome addition to any organisation, each student graduating from an AIM for Seva hostel contributes to his or her family to the community and thereby to the nation.

Today, we have 104 Chatralayams in 16 states in India enabling children in rural India to realise their full potential.

Join us in our mission, we need your support. Help reach education to rural India.