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Ananda 2019

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March 7: Chintaye Guruvaram by Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath
The musical presentation, titled ‘Chintaye Guruvaram’ will be a tribute by Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath to her Gurus who have led her on the journey of life, and gone ahead to pave the path for her to walk on. The concert will include a narrative that will touch on experiences and key learnings, and the different segments of the programme will be presented in a novel musical format.

March 8: ‘Kurukshetra: When Things Fall Apart’ by Dr. Gowri Ramnarayan
Dr. Gowri Ramnarayan’s acclaimed Kurukshetra: When Things Fall Apart, an original play in English, brings to life three characters from the Mahabharata. The play focuses on Drona, the teacher of the Kuru princes, his wife Kripi, and their son, Ashwatthama. We see their complex family relationship, the tug of war between duty and preference, and the final choices they make. More importantly, it touches on the forces that can tear families apart, be it in mythology or in our everyday lives.

March 9: A Million Sitas’ by Dr. Anita Ratnam
The Ramayana is echoed through the DNA of India as an epic, a text, a sacred book, an opera – interpreted through painting, dance, theatre, song, animation, television and film. This ‘Adi Kavya’ (eternal story) has seen more debate, discussion and discourse than any other writing in Indian society.

In ‘A Million Sitas’, the heroine of this time honoured tale stands at the centre of a power tussle as two men battle with their egos and divergent ideas of duty and honour. It is the women in this retelling who emerge from the shadows and pages of history to braid the multiple narratives of this riveting story.

Anita Ratnam uses every weapon in her creative arsenal. Voice, movement, song, dance, theatrical improvisations and storytelling to illuminate the character of Sita. Daughter of Janaka or Ravana? Princess of Mithila or Lanka? As bride of Rama, Queen of Ayodhya, mother of Lava and Kusa she reveals her many avatars and the numerous lines she has to cross to finally become every woman and yet remain her true self. Admired, adored, pitied, invoked, worshipped, Sita is the four letter word that shadows every Indian woman until today. A Million Sitas puts her front and centre of the ongoing debate for the recovery of a woman’s voice in society.