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AIM for Seva annual fund raiser next week

AIM for Seva annual fund raiser next week

Get ready to witness some splendour on stage. AIM for Seva is proud to present its annual fund raiser. Two prominent city based dance troupes are set to enthral the denizens of Chennai with dance, drama and music on August 16 and August 17 at the Music Academy, Chennai, 7 pm onwards.

On August 16, Nandalala- ‘A Nritya Natak’ directed by Anitha Guha will be presented on stage. It will be performed by her troupe Bharathanjali. Nandalala is a multilingual thematic dance presentation on Krishna and the production takes you through the journey of the Lord’s life.

The dance drama will showcase the charming Lord’s life through verses, stories and music. Bharathanjali will showcase Krishna’s leela in myraid hues. From his birth in prison to his childhood pranks in Nandgaon and unbelievable miracles, Nandalala promises to be a forward movement, away from darkness.

The penultimate avatar of the reclining Lord Maha Vishnu is adored and celebrated by poets and devotees across varied languages and cultures. He is the apple of the eye of ancient composers like Purandara Dasa, Annamacharya, Surdaas, Meera, Narayana Theerthar, Jayadeva, (Ashtapathis), Oothukadu Venkatasubaiyar and many more. This thematic dance performance – ‘Nandalala’ vows to bring to its audience the splendour of this ever charming ‘Night-hued’ Lord through the mellifluous compositions of these legends along with those penned by current day Vidwans like Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan and PR Venkatasubramanian. This multilingual performance will chronicle Lord Krishna’s life. Re-told through dance and music, the stories of Kaliya Nardhanam, Govindha Patabhishekam (crowning of Govinda), Kamsa Vadha (killing of Kamsa) and Geethopadesham will be performed – in each of these highly trying circumstances he has emerged victorious with an ever- playful smile.

The second dance presentation, Jagat Pavani Ganga on August 17 at the same venue will be presented by Revathi Ramachandran’s Kalasadhanalaya. Jagat Pavani Ganga brings the glory of Ganga through ancient and contemporary verses with an underlying message to protect the sacred river.

The life giving river has always held a special place in Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s heart. When he first arrived on the banks of Ganga in Rishikesh in 1963, Swamiji was captivated by the solitude and beauty of the place. Over time, many of us were fortunate to be recipients of his ‘jnana-Ganga,’– the perennial flow of knowledge. Through the musical, Revathi Ramachandran’s troupe will weave folklore, mythology and present day environmental concerns associated with the sacred waters.

The production interweaves Bharatanatyam, classical Carnatic music, Garhwali folk music and dance, mime and theatre, to depict the incomparable splendour of the Himalayan Ganga. The narrative is embedded in the tapestry of stories of the river and questions issues concerning preservation and heritage of the most sacred river of India.

We assure you that not only will all of you leave the auditorium spell bound, but a bigger takeaway would be introspection of one’s own culture and roots at the end of the show.

Tickets for each show are priced at Rs 3,000, Rs 2,000, Rs 1,000, Rs 500 and Rs 300. Tickets are available at bookmyshow. You could alternatively, get tickets at the AIM for Seva Central Office in Chennai.

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