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About AIM for Seva

Education in rural India

The All India Movement (AIM) for Seva is a NGO involved in providing value-based education to rural and tribal children across India.

Our story began in 2000 with a deep understanding of rural India’s problems: Be it the commuting long distances to schools, domestic pressure or lack of extra-curricular activities in education. We thus proposed a unique solution that has now brought the school to the child’s doorstep : Aim for Seva Free Student Hostels (Fsh) is a Residential Facility in proximity to the Schools. This enables for Easy Access, Enhancing the Quality of Education through Tuitions, Providing Life Skills and an Environment that is conducive to learning.  All these facilities are provided at No Cost to the Students including Boarding, Lodging, Books, Uniforms, School Fees and More. Aim for Seva Is entirely supported by Corporate and Individual Donors.


AIM for Seva is headquartered in Chennai with projects situated throughout India. For a list of our projects, please visit our Projects page.

AIM for Seva is funded entirely by public and private donations. Contributions to AIM for Seva are exempt from 50% tax under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

AIM for Seva’s overseas operations are present in the United States, Canada and Australia.


Vision: To transform society through a network of seva, of caring, to bridge the urban rural divide, empowering every person to contribute to the progress of the nation.

Mission: Empowerment through value based education, reaching out to children of rural India through a network Free Student Hostels. 

(Value-based education, cultural validation build self confidence. Only a self-confident individual can contribute and participate in the nation-building process.)

About Aim for seva

About Aim for seva

AIM for Seva – Because every child is precious.

Every child in India deserves quality education, food, shelter, love and affection. Not everyone is so fortunate. There are 17.7 million children out of school according to the latest UNESCO study.

The challenge:

With a family income less than Rs. 20,000 annum, under nourished and vulnerable to abuse, it’s a battle for survival for young boys and girls. AIM for Seva provides a home to these children – sons and daughters of a coolie, farm laborer, construction workers, domestic help – through our Free Student Hostels (FSHs).

The FSH Concept:

The twin problems in rural education in India are access to schools and high dropout rates. Located near a local school, a FSH provides all that a school-going child needs and more: A place to stay, uniforms, extra tuitions, health care, educational materials and above all, an enabling environment for a student to flourish.

AIM for Seva provides an atmosphere of learning at these FSHs. Typically each FSH has ample space of 3000 sq. feet for 35-45 students. Each FSH is managed by a warden, cook, and a watchman. A coordinator who manages several FSHs plays a mentor role in inculcation of values, personality development, and character building.

Features of a FSH:

  • After-school support
  • Values and cultural education
  • YogaSports
  • Computer literacy, English language training, Creativity
  • Environmental friendly practices
  • Employability skills

About us Aim for seva

about us Aim for seva

A FSH is a home away from home for these boys and girls. They participate in the regular chores as in keeping their dormitories clean, help in the kitchen work, enjoy a game of chess or carom after school, take to the field for a game of cricket, mentor those younger with their studies and more.

Size of our operations

AIM for Seva manages nearly a hundred FSHs spread across 16 states of India. Currently we serve 3,424 boys and girls. Overall 14,000 children have benefitted from our FSHs since 2000.

AIM for Seva’s objective is to cater to the holistic development of children in our Free Student Hostels (FSH). Some of the initiatives are listed below and would be implemented in stages on adequate support.
Computer: In the next phase of activity, AIM for Seva intends to provide at least two computers with internet facilities. We provide them with Skype classes and educational DVDs like the British Council’s English Learning Programme.

English Clubs:

English has emerged as a global language and students who learn English are at a definite advantage when it comes to future prospects. As a non-native speaker, tribal and rural children in Free Student Hostels are at specific disadvantage. To address this, AIM for Seva plans to organize workshops in Spoken and Written English.

Project Akash:

Creativity Workshop/Art for Development/Theatre for Development: Workshops on Arts provide a platform for children to express themselves. Such interventions help develop their linguistic and creative skills. Workshops on Art are already a regular feature in some of the FSHs. AIM for Seva is planning to expand it to all the FSHs. Theatre for Development is also another avenue that arouses and engages the students.


About us for Aim for Seva

Green Initiatives:

In an attempt to establish green campuses, AIM for Seva homes are committed to sustainable energy sources. AIM for Seva is replacing traditional electricity with solar energy and is cutting down on fossil fuels by replacing it with gobar gas.

Organic Farming:

Many of our FSHs are oasis of greenery, with children helping in the upkeep and care of gardens that serve as their main source of vegetables. AIM for Seva is looking to expand this to all FSHs wherever feasible.

In-house Library:

Hostels across the country require libraries. Unfortunately, only about 10% of our homes have a dedicated well-stocked library. We would like to expand this to all our FSHs.

Vocational and soft skills training:

Indian industry will see a huge demand for skilled employees and our children can benefit through appropriate vocational training. Such trainings help the student through entrepreneurship, soft skills training, and having a marketable skill.