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A unique music concert

Guru, teacher, master, mentor, guide. Many names but the Guru is held in an exalted position in the Sanatana Dharma tradition. According to the Taittiriya Upanishad, respects and obeisance must be accorded in the following order: Mata (mother), Pita (father) and Guru (teacher).In Vedic tradition, respect to one’s Guru is one of the five ‘Vedic Pillars’ that are to be observed and followed by society.

Vedic tradition stressed the need for a Guru and the position of that master was unshakeable. Knowledge possessed by someone was considered valid only if it came down from an Acharya. Vedic teaching was built on the notion that knowledge was all- pervasive.

Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath will pay a unique musical tribute to her Gurus on March 7 at 6:30 pm at the Music Academy, Chennai. This musical presentation, is a tribute by Smt. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath to her Gurus, who have led her on the journey of life, and gone ahead to pave the path for her to walk on.

Proceeds from this show would be utilised towards construction of a new dormitory block at the AIM for Seva Krupa Home. Located in Sriperumbudur, AIM for Seva Krupa Home provides lifetime care to 36 differently-abled adults. As part of occupational therapy efforts, AIM for Seva Krupa Home residents are engaged in meaningful activities throughout the day. The products made by them are displayed at our new format store at Spirit of the Earth, Mylapore.

Please come and witness this unique musical offering and your contribution would go a long way in supporting our differently-abled brothers. Pick up your donor passes now! Click on the BookMyShow link to buy online. Donor passes also available at AIM for Seva office (Srinidhi Apartments, No.4, Desika Road, Mylapore, Chennai–600004).

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